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  • My Androgenic alopecia Story

    My hair loss story starts during the time of prom. When I was getting my hair done I noticed the hair dresser having a hard time working with it and she teased my hair a lot which helps hide the thin hair but I thought nothing of it at the time.

    Fast forward 5 years and my best friend...

  • Real Customers, Real Hair Topper Reviews – Episode 3

    I got some happy hair mail today from @Uniwigs! This Is the 6.5"x 6.5" Upgrade Claire Plus Remy Human Hair Mono Topper. This is also my first experience with a lace front human hair topper, so I was really excited to get this baby on my head. This topper is freaking awesome! It's suuuuuper...

  • How to add a 'Halo wire' to your hair topper

    Adding a Halo wire to hair toppers has become popular due to the comfort and security it brings to toppers, with less need of having to clip the clips in. Halo wires are also excellent for sensitive scalps. But most toppers do not have a halo wire, so you may choose to add the wire...

  • Real Customers, Real Hair Topper Reviews - Episode 02

    "No such thing as a bad hair day. This is me wearing the UniWigs Hope Mono Hair Topper. She is 16inch long, soft and silky and super easy to wear. I got her in Almond frost (01R) which was matched to my natural hair colour but she has a 8.5x9 inch base which gives awesome coverage. You could...

  • Real Customers, Real Hair Topper Reviews - Episode 01

    "I bought a 5.5""x5.5"" Claire topper in Cream Soda at the beginning of December and dyed it as soon as it arrived. I LOVE it. Today I curled it for the first time and am so happy to learn that it holds curls really well!
    Losing hair has been a challenging experience but having helper...

  • The Struggle From A Hair Loss Sufferer

    As we all know, hair loss really sucks. But there are so many ways to make your life better and more confident. Today we are going to share a story from

  • Beginner Guide: Will a hair topper give me a different style?

    If you're new to the world of hairpieces, you might have several questions about wearing hair toppers. Hair toppers are a new alternative hair product that instantly add volume and length to your hair. Hair toppers are lightweight and less expensive than wigs and often preferred for those...

  • Hairstyles for when your bio hair and topper are different lengths

    I know from experience that wearing your first topper can be scary. Often, it doesn't feel like your hair and can seem much more hair than you are used to. I wanted to choose something that was good for newbies and for more experienced hair wearers who want something lightweight. I have cut...

  • Answering your questions after I wore the Perfection Silk top wig for 2 weeks

    Hey there! I wanted to take the time to share with you my thoughts on a couple of questions I received about wearing the new Perfection wig.

    Question 1: "Is the cap just as durable as the wefted cap?"

    A friendly reminder that I have been wearing Perfection silk...

  • Inspirational story: HAIR LOSS Is HARD

    I knew once the doctor said the word chemotherapy that I was going to end up bald, but it doesn't really hit you till you see that first clump of hair in your hands.

    hair loss is hard 1

  • An honest review from Norway for Megan silk top human hair topper

    Hi! My name is Maria from Norway. I recently purchased my first Hair Piece from UniWigs, a "14 inch Megan Silk Top Remy Human Hair Topper". Excellent service and the topper arrived in no time!

    The topper is fantastic, well made, not heavy and with nice strong hair. With...

  • What is the Difference Between Perfection Remy Human Hair Wig & Perfection Silk Top Remy Human Hair Wig?

    Hello Beauties!

    Today I wanted to answer a couple of questions of the

  • How I style Perfection Wig perfectly just for me? [email protected]

    Hi everybody! As you can see I sorta did a thing.

    This is PHASE 1 of 3!

    For the past month or so I have been wanting bangs and I knew I wanted to try them on this wig. I have a purple wig with bangs and I knew in the future I would have to have a natural color...


    "Perfection is one wig that I'm asked about often, whether in a comment or DM. The questions are usually, "how long have you had her, after styling and with wearing her frequently, is she the same as she was out of the box? And was she worth the purchase?"

    The answer is, she was...


    Have you decided which character to cosplay this Halloween? Which color wig will you go for? Blue wigs are highly popular cosplay wigs because you can make many cosplay characters and have a unique hair color.

    UniWigs offer a variety of blue wigs in different styles, where high quality...


    At the beginning of this year, I started experiencing a lot of hair loss. I've always been transparent with all my friends about the "good" and "bad" of my life. I never thought it would be so scary to show them what I believed was the "ugly". But then I remembered God made me a hot sassy...

  • Going gray the easy way

    There will be a time where our hair begins to go gray in life. Many women are uneasy of their first gray hairs and try to cover them up with permanent dyes. It can become time consuming to keep on top of hiding gray roots. When the grays do begin to show, it may stop you taking photos of...


    “Whoa!” he said startled as I ran to base after our last round of capture the flag. It was a sticky, Pennsylvanian, summer night. I was sweating but my hair typically looked best in humidity. “What's up with your hair?” He asked. My nineteen-year-old-self looked at my shoulder length spiral...


    What do you want to know the most when you're about to purchase a wig online? For me it's the unboxing and the details. As I cannot touch the item online, I want to make sure I know everything about the item. That's why I'll do a written unboxing and the first impression of my 


    Monique Parent is a Hollywood actress and model who has been in the biz for 25 years. Monique has starred and featured in a wide variety of movie genres.

    In 2015 upon turning 50, she decided to stop coloring her red hair and allow the natural silver-gray to show. She has since started a...


    Giggles had never heard of hair toppers, until she got her first topper.
    “This is the first time I tried it and I'm very excited.
    I'm so impressed after trying to put it on. It's so easy to apply. I was shocked after I used it.
    I can also do a ponytail, the color matches...

  • Alexandria's Hair Loss Journey

    Let me tell y'all, UniWigs hair toppers has SAVED MY LIFE. I've lived with hair loss most of my life, and have always had to resort to wearing extensions, wigs or hats. The whole year of 2017 I wore hats to cover my hair loss every single day. I lost my confidence,...

  • Things that Your Stylist Isn't Telling You

    Everyone of us has many experience of going to a salon and get the hair styled. However, there are a few things that your hairstylist isn't telling you.

    Celebrities Have Hair Just Like Yours
    No matter where you see a celebrity, you see her hair is in perfect...

  • My first wig

    I've worn wigs for years. They are so easy and convenient to apply on. You can just put it on and ready to go if you need something cute to wear for each occasion. They are great investments because they can last a really long time.

    The first wig I've ever got was a bang wig from...

  • What is hair topper? Why I prefer a topper over a wig

    You've suspected your hair has been thinning, maybe for years, and now the hair loss problem has always plagued you a lot: there were years when your hair seemed fuller, you can achieve any hairstyles you want and delight at its apparent thickness, but now your hair is gotten too thin to...

  • The benefits of wearing hair extensions: Extensions for thin/fine hair (Tips, tutorial, problems & solutions)

    --This is a post from one of UniWigs customers. Thanks Starla! Enjoy this post and feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

    Did you know the number one asked question about hair extensions on Google is “Is wearing hair extensions an amazing way...

  • Why Claire hair topper is the top seller? - Reviews

    Find out why Claire is the top seller of all the UniWigs toppers these years from the top 10 reviews that people chosen as the most helpful...


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