Since Hair Loss at an early age has become a common problem among men, the use of stylish human hair toupee, also known as Hair Replacement System, has been getting quite popular these days. [email protected] UniWigs, you can find the most natural and comfortable Human Hair Toupees with different colors, which offer the perfect coverage for male pattern baldness.

What is the Male Hair Replacement System ?

The Male Hair Replacement System, commonly known as hairpiece or hair toupee, custom made and fitted replacement unit meant to cover up male pattern baldness. Wearing a custom toupee wig does not require any surgical procedures and is easily attached using either special hairpiece tape or bonding adhesives.

Amazing Effects of Toupee



natural appearance, sturdy, easy to clean with good durability


invisible pleating and a transitional density hairline, undetectable and natural


made from ultra-thin polyurethane, the most realistic hairline appearance, top and front


Before we give you any suggestions, we strongly recommend you to take the toupee to a Salon and have your stylist apply for you. Because all the toupees are with the same base size of 8”*10” and with the same hair length 6". So you may want to cut the base or the hair to accommodate to your head or hair.

Here are some suggestions just for reference.

Clean the scalp by rubbing alcohol or witch hazel to remove natural body oils. Use witch hazel if you have dry or sensitive skin.

Apply the liquid toupee adhesive or toupee tape around the edges of the inside of the toupee. To apply liquid toupee adhesive, use an applicator brush to apply a thin layer of the adhesive to the edges of the toupee. Place a towel down under the toupee to prevent the adhesive from getting on counters. To apply toupee tape, stick the tape around the edges of the toupee and smooth the tape down. Ensuring that the tape does not stick out past the edges of the toupee. Once the tape is securely in place, remove the protective backing from the tape and apply.

Hold the toupee over your head and find the place where the toupee will sit.

Press the toupee down on your scalp and hold. Wait for the glue to dry or tape to stick in order for the toupee to stay in place.

Style the toupee as desired.