Hair loss can be a major cause of stress to many men who experience it. With early onset baldness becoming common among young men, the use of stylish human hair toupees has become increasingly popular. UniWigs is committed to delivering the best non-surgical solutions to men who experience hair loss. UniWigs men's hair systems are easy to use and they help men to regain the appearance of a full head of hair. Here at UniWigs, you can find the most natural and comfortable toupees in different base styles and colors. We also provide a special custom service for when you can’t find the right base, length, or color. For more information email us at [email protected]


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  • How to Select the Right Base Hair Systems?

    Lace Base:
    A fine lace hair system is soft and breathable. So they are recommended for those who lead an active lifestyle, live in a warm climate, and want to be comfortable without affecting their overall hairstyle.The lace system looks very realistic and is very light, which makes them suitable for everyday comfort. They also can last 60-90 days with proper care

    Skin Base:
    The skin hair replacement system is for those who want the least noticeable hair system, which is easy to clean. Especially our ultra-thin style, the thickness of poly skin is only 0.03mm. This unique men hair system option allows the wearer to experience the feeling of their natural scalp as if they are not wearing a hair system at all.

    Combination of Lace and Skin:
    The combination of both Lace and Skin hair replacement systems are for those who want a unique feel and look to their hair. They are perfect for customers who want a men’s hair system that is both natural and durable. They usually can last 3-6 months with proper care.

    Mono Base:
    Mono base is the most durable material which allow for a heavy density volume hair and longer using lifespan. It is also a breathable mesh.

    Silk Base:
    Silk Base is the most natural looking base. The exquisite hand tied work offer the most realistic outlooking appereance just as the hair growing out from the natural scalp stand by strand, no hair knots visible.

  • What Makes A Perfect Hairline?
    We use proprietary knot bleaching techniques methods to make the knots in the Hair Systems invisible. Additionally, we have advanced knot technology and stringent requirements by our workers to single strand in the front section and use a random placement ventilation technique to avoid straight lines. The result is the best Hair System world with a 100% Undetectable Hairline.
  • What About Hair Quality?
    All UniWigs Hair Systems are made of the highest quality first generation Remy Human Hair by default. The hair strands are thin and soft with natural wave, even it cut to a short hair stlye, the hair still natural looking not straight lift. For those who like synthetic Hair we do offer our own branded synthetic. All gray hair synthetic will be used as a default unless otherwise requested.
  • How Long Will My New Hair System Last?
    Hair Systems are not intended to last forever. Without the body's natural oils to protect it, human hair will eventually become drier and more brittle. On average, you will need a new hair system every three months or so. Some people replace their hair system every six months and some every month. It is truly a personal decision. The newer the hair system, the more vibrant the hair will be. Now with the more affordable options provided by UniWigs, it is best to replace as often as your budget allows.
  • When Will I Receive My New Hair System?
    For stock orders, we will arrange the shipment in 3-5 working days.
    For custom orders, standard production time for a Custom Mens Hair Piece is about 6-8 weeks. Please note these are averages.
    If you have a special event and certain date please let us know at the time of the order. Although we can never guarantee any specific date, if the request is reasonable we will do our very best to make sure you are taking care of. Of course if you can't wait for a Custom Hair System you can always get one of our Stock Hair Systems.
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