Inspirational story: HAIR LOSS Is HARD

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I knew once the doctor said the word chemotherapy that I was going to end up bald, but it doesn't really hit you till you see that first clump of hair in your hands.

hair loss is hard 1

I was so terrified, a big part of my job is social media & i was worried what losing my hair would mean for that. I was already losing so much to cancer, was it going to take my job too?

hair loss is hard 2

I know i'm lucky. I know my hair will grow back, it's already started to (shout-out current mullet phase), but that doesn't make losing it any less heartbreaking.⁣⁣

hair loss is hard 3

Knowing hair loss community on the internet and seeing my sisters in this community embrace their hair loss has really inspired me to embrace mine. ⁣

hair loss is hard 4

so here's some photos of me wig-less for the world. There weren't too many taken when I had no hair at all, so these are the best I could find/feel comfortable sharing.⁣⁣

hair loss is hard 5

Natural hair, bald, a wig, topper, extensions, it doesn't matter. If your heart is beautiful, if the way you treat people is beautiful, then you are beautiful.

hair loss is hard 6

By @lexalamode

Lex wears 16” Perfection-remy human hair

Thanks for sharing dear!

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