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“Whoa!” he said startled as I ran to base after our last round of capture the flag. It was a sticky, Pennsylvanian, summer night. I was sweating but my hair typically looked best in humidity. “What's up with your hair?” He asked. My nineteen-year-old-self looked at my shoulder length spiral curls. “Yeah. It gets super curly when it's humid.” “Umm, no.” He responded. “You look like you're balding.” Tears flooded my eyes and my cheeks flushed pink. I shrugged and gazed at the forest floor, embarrassed. He was my first boyfriend.

Within several months I had lost nearly half of that hair and had visited specialist after specialist. With little hope, I hopped up on the table of a Gynecologist (and not just any OBGYN but my mother's doctor-he had actually delivered me!). As I threw my feet into the stirrups he joked, “Are ya ready for your oil change? I haven't seen you since you were but a few moments old!”

Mortified, I cried through the duration of the appointment only enduring the event in hopes for an answer. By the end, I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

PCOS has caused me unsightly acne, it has taken not one but two babies to miscarriage, cursed me with nearly unbearable periods, and to lose my long, curly, locks of hair.

PCOS has also made me strong. I am a warrior. It has allowed me to meet and connect with other women who have similar struggles. It has made me an encourager. PCOS and hair loss has forced me to redefine beauty and societal standards of beauty.

I know I am beautiful. I know hair does not define me; however, my confidence soars when I wear my Claire (I've affectionately nicknamed her Beyoncé). When I wear my topper, part of me that was taken is again restored. I will recommend UniWigs to all of my sisters who are follicularly challenged.

hair loss story

I was wearing the UniWigs Upgrade Claire Human Hair Topper in this picture.

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