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Hairstyles for when your bio hair and topper are different lengths

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I know from experience that wearing your first topper can be scary. Often, it doesn't feel like your hair and can seem much more hair than you are used to. I wanted to choose something that was good for newbies and for more experienced hair wearers who want something lightweight. I have cut fringes into two of my human hair toppers, as this makes the hairline much more natural looking. I chose the Amber topper as it comes with the fringe already cut in. I got the fringe trimmed a little bit, as it is in my eyes. The length of the topper is longer than my bio hair, so I got this cut too. It is rare to get the perfect piece right out of the box.

When you wear your hair in a shorter length, it can often be more obvious if your topper is shorter than your bio hair as your hair constantly grows. Longer hair tends to blend a bit better, but if you have shoulder-length hair like me, it can be a pain to constantly have to get your bio hair trimmed or swap between different length hairpieces. Here are my top tips for how to style your bio hair and topper in-between haircuts or when you are growing out your hair.

I like this human hair piece as it is low density, the silk top gives a realistic scalp and the hair is silky soft. I went for Medium Brown, which is a great colour match for my bio hair colour. A great piece for ladies new to toppers!

Check out Georgie's Instagram page: @her_hair_my_head for further reviews of this piece.

hair topper brfore after

All the info about it is here:
Hair Topper: Amber Silk Top Human Hair Topper with Bangs
Base Size: 6"x6"
SKU: PS1702
Direct Link:


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