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  • How to Make a Simple Braid Hairstyle with Colorful Wigs

    Every trendsetter knows that a uniquely colorful wig is a beauty necessity for every wardrobe! Even though natural hair is beautiful, wigs are excellent to own because they can transform your hair color immediately without damage to your own hair! Party wigs and wigs for everyday wear are...

  • Can You Wear Synthetic Wigs Every day?

    Synthetic wigs have been around for as long as we can remember, and they're becoming more globally accepted as a fashion statement as the days go by! With the constant representation in the media of synthetic wigs style and promised comfort and longevity to not just itself but to its wearer's...

  • Can your lace front wig make a ponytail?

    What has a girl got to do when she wants to have nice hair and tie her hair up in a ponytail, But uh oh! There's a problem. How is she supposed to tie her hair up in a ponytail if she is wearing a lace front wig? Not to worry because we are here like always to provide easy and effective...


    Our lace front cosplay wigs are crafted with sheer lace tied to the front of the wig to give a natural wig hairline. These wigs are perfect to help portray your fantasy or cosplay character and finish off your cosplay look by adding fun colored hair! These days, lace front cosplay wigs are...


    Creating a fun cosplay character look has never been easier with lace front fun colored synthetic cosplay wigs. There are many cosplay wig options to choose from nowadays. However, simply wearing the cosplay wig with the same style can be boring and even limit you to playing the same...

  • Instagram Trendy Wigs Trends 2019

    In fashion, the term “trend” plays a great role in fashion as it defines a new change. Trends do come back again and change how fashion is being perceived in the current time and 2019 is all about WIGS!! Yes, you heard that right, wigs are back again and ruling the year 2019.



    This is a post from one of our customers:

    How to cut bangs on a wig has been a highly requested wig query tutorial that everybody is always asking me to cover. I can tell you how I cut my bangs on my wigs from my experience. Let's get chopping.

    Some wig styles from...


    Why wigs are so popular? A part of the reason is that Kylie Jenner, one of the richest young female in the world, said that "I started wigs, and now everyone is wearing wigs". Is that true? Let's see how many wigs she's worn.

    1. Long black curly...


    Share from one of our customers about how to make synthetic wigs look natural:

    Today I'll show you how I make my synthetic wigs look natural....


    The biggest advantage of UniWigs Trendy Wigs Collection is that they have multiple colors and styles to choose from. Lace front synthetic wigs became popular for stylists or for non-stylists who love fun colored hair. Even @behindthechair_com announced this...


    Sometimes you may end up with a perfect wig but also with the wrong parting line. It is very easy to change the hair parting line of synthetic wigs with just a household iron.



    1.Do not apply any product to the hair until it gets older

    When I first get my synthetic wig out of the package, I apply some good old-fashioned water and that helps me get rid of the flyways in the synthetic texture and it also helps preserve the longevity of my synthetic lace front...

  • How to detangle synthetic lace front wigs

    Lace front synthetic wigs are very popular for those who love fun colored hair. Even @behindthechair_com announced their wig category for this year's #oneshothairawards. However, many girls don' know how to take care of them. They get a new wig , style it 2-3...

  • 7 Hot Hairstyles to wear your wig in 2019

    Wearing the same hairstyle every single day can quickly become repetitive and boring. Something as small as trying a new hairstyle out one day can make your look 10x more stylish. In 2019 there are hot hairstyles on the horizon that are easy to create on your

  • WHY and HOW to pluck the hairline?

    From our former Instagram post we can see that many girls don't understand why we need to pluck the hairline of wigs. Let's see what our follower @issa_blvckmermvid explained:

    “You get a pair of your BEST tweezers and a comb. You start where your lace begins in...

  • Best place to get cosplay wigs

    If you are a cosplay fan, you have come to the right place. To prepare for a cosplay look you will need costumes, wigs, make-up and other accessories. But where should you get the costumes you want, in an online or offline store? That's the question. You can do your make-up the way you want by...

  • 6 Benefits to Wearing a Wig

    With the many advantages that come from wearing a wig, it is no wonder why they are becoming increasingly popular and being openly worn by celebrities. Wigs have grown in calibre to look more realistic and luxurious then ever before and wearing a wig could be a game-changer for you.


  • How To Wear a Syntehtic Lace Front Wig and Make It Look Natural

    What I like about UniWigs synthetic lace front wig is that you can part it any way you want from side to side or you can just keep it at the middle where it naturally came in.

  • How To Cut Off A Lace Front Wig

    From our last survey post on Instagram(@UniWigs) many girls are scared to trim the front lace. Today I'm going to show you guys how...

  • Can synthetic wigs be styled?

    Synthetic wigs have less possibilities to be styled than real hair. They cannot be dyed or heated easily if you are not a professional. But is this really true? Today we will show you a quick and easy tutorial about how to style 

  • How to repair an old synthetic wig fast?

    What will you do if your wig is messed up and you think there's no saving? We guess you will throw them away probably. We are here to solve this problem. We'll show you how to revamp a pretty busted wig like this.

  • How to wear a wig?

    As we all know all synthetic wigs from UniWigs are lace front and they have a big parting space. Once we get our wigs, we will customize it to make the hair look like they are growing from our scalp. The key point of this tutorial is about the parting, which gives the...

  • Why Synthetic Wigs Can't Be Dyed

    Synthetics come in a wide range of qualities. and it has specific properties with each quality of synthetic. Our customer service representatives usually say that synthetic wigs can't be dyed, butactually it can be dyed from industrial perspectives,that is, synthetic wigs are not suggested to...

  • How to wash synthetic wigs?

    Wigs like our clothes and body wear accessories should be subjected to a wash and dry clean from time to time. However how frequently one should wash their wig is completely subject to how often they use the wig for use. A wig that is worn more often than not suffers more pollution from dirt...

  • The introduction of synthetic wigs

    Wearing a synthetic wig can be difficult as well as daunting for many to manage. There are quite a few aspects that need to be kept in mind and can help a long way in wearing synthetic wigs. It is extremely vital to find a synthetic wig that matches with your skin tone and provides a natural...

  • How much a wig cost?

    Well we purchase a lot of thing form the market to suffice our needs. A product is always available in the market in various pricing. Sometimes the gradient is large and sometimes it is small. Smaller the price ranges better the quality of the product. The going phrase in shopping sector is -...


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