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An Honest Review of The Abigail Blonde Synthetic Lace Front Wig

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Hello wig enthusiasts! Get ready to step into the enchanting world of wigs with Caitlyn as she unveils the magic behind UniWigs Abigail blonde synthetic lace front wig. In the vast realm of hair transformations, finding the perfect wig that seamlessly combines quality, style, and comfort can feel like discovering a hidden treasure. UniWigs has captivated the hearts of many, and Caitlyn’s insightful wig review promises to be a guiding light for those navigating the fascinating universe of synthetic lace front wigs. So, let’s get into the review for Abigail wig.

Review of The Abigail Blonde Synthetic Lace Front Wig

Abigail is giving. That’s all there is to it. This is just thrown on my head without extra styling on her. I glued down the lace over my widow’s peek, and that is all I did to this wig. I’ve never ever had a synthetic wig where I didn’t have to do anything to it. Normally I would use some baby powder to make a natural hairline, or modify the wig, because that’s pretty much what my whole channel is. But this time, with the beautiful Abigail, I did nothing except gluing the lace down. This is pretty cool and very nice and friendly to wig beginners.

An Honest Review of The Abigail Blonde Synthetic Lace Front Wig

I have bought high quality synthetic wigs that are the same exact price point as the Abigail wig, and it does not hold a candle with this top. I could not have chosen a better color scheme - the bright cool pieces of blonde with this like crazy shirt. I’m just living for this wig. Abigal is the most beautiful high quality wig and most realistic looking too. I’m wearing this to work 100% and it’ll be the first time I won’t bearing wearing my own natural hairline.

Abigail synthetic lace front wig

I do want to mention how she came in package. Abigail came in this absolutely stunning like velvety wig bag with these silk draw strings. she was also in a plastic bag and a black netting to keep the fibers safe.

Abigail came in a stunning velvety wig bag

She had some tissue in her cap to hold the form and to not let it get squished and deformed. It also included a wig cap which I love. I have to have a wig cap with every wig I get.

Review of The Abigail Wig

So I just cut the lace and then I started filming immediately. The fibers are amazing. This is a very very high quality wig. It’s got the perfect length and the kind of shadow root. It’s got beautiful highlights. This wig is absolutely beautiful and I can already tell it’s going to be my new favorite everyday wig. It’s got a free part area right through the top where you can change the parting on it, which is awesome. There are standard wig comb clips that I like. It is a lace front wig with a mesh wefted back, so it’s really breathable. there are adjustable straps, too.

Abigal good quality synthetic wig

I’m actually speechless because this is the highest quality synthetic wig I’ve ever owned, so I’m kind of like having a moment here. I love how the curls aren’t sticking back together at the part line. I’m even shocked by how the part looks. It has to be pre-plucked because it’s absolutely awesome. So what I would do is I probably wouldn’t even use my own hair line on this. When I cut the lace, I can feel it follows how a normal hairline would be, so I’m going to glue that down . It has free parting so you can change your part. You would definitely have to blow it down with a hair dryer because it’s been in its own part for so long. It has a very cool blonde tone and the darker blonde underneath is also a cool toned blonde. It even has a little bit of a shadow root right up here.

Overall, I’m super impressed with this company and the quality of the Abigail wig. So thank you so much to UniWigs for this absolutely beautiful wig that I will like probably never take off my head till the end of time.


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