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Many of us are adjusting to social distancing and working from home, but please know that UniWigs is here for you during this time and will remain open as usual. We hope our products continue to bring you joy at home during this time. In the upcoming weeks, we look forward to bringing you more content about tips for alternative hair products and DIY-at-home hair videos to help you find fun ways to occupy yourselves at home.

Stay healthy and beautiful .We are with you!


Our UniWigs DIY Video Library includes abundant and valuable videos from our customers and influencers. We’ve also filmed how-to videos based on the FAQs from our customers. We hope that creating new looks with our products will be a fun way to help occupy yourselves at home. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll continue to update our video library. Please feel free to let us know what kind of new videos you’re keen to watch.

diverse diy
  • Create Different Hair Styles with the Claire Human Hair Topper

  • DIY: 3 Easy Summer Vacation Heatless Hairstyles with Hair Extensions

  • How to alter Hairlines on Lace Front Wigs?

  • How to give bushel Braid some bridal vibes

  • Easy frenchbraid updo you can make at home

  • How to do bun hairstyle by yourself at home?

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diverse diy
  • How to blend hair extensions with the hair topper naturally

  • How to wear a hair topper for the thinning hairline

  • How to change the hair parting line on a human hair topper

  • How to put on a hair topper

  • How to wear a hair topper with the natural looking

  • How to create the natural looking hair part for hair toppers

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diverse diy
  • How to apply a human hair wig |UniWigs Perfection wig

  • Do you know how a hand-tied hair product is made?

  • Stay at home: Time to Get Prettier! With your uniwigs hair extensions

  • How To: Do Big Voluminous Curls Hair at Home

  • How to wash synthetic wigs at home?

  • How to maintain synthetic wigs by yourself at home?

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diverse diy
  • How to Add Dark Color Roots to a Human Hair Topper

  • DIY: Color a Gray Wig at home| Chole Remy Human Hair Lace Wig

  • How To Color Your Hair At Home | Home Hair Dye Tips And Tricks

  • How to Cut Bangs and Get a Mint Mermaid Hair Easily by yourself

  • How to Tone Human Hair Extensions at Home

  • How To: Create Beautiful Balayage Effect at home!

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UniWigs family are going to be going LIVE! If you’re working from home and need a little light relief, subscribing the following beautiful people on social media and tune in to your favorite channels for hair styling, tips, tutorials, reviews and products show!


UniWigs understands that social distancing and more time spent at home can get lonely, so why not have some fun and get inventive! If you are creative and have a pair of clever hands, we encourage you to make your own DIY videos to entertain yourself and get rewards from UniWigs.

  • diverse diy UPLOAD VIDEOS
  • Earn 1000 points
  • If you make a video about wearable hair/hairstyles
  • publish the videos on any of the popular social media channels and #stayhomewithUniWigs
  • you will get 1,000 loyalty points (= $10) for each video.

* If you don’t have any social media accounts, send the video to us directly at [email protected]

  • diverse diy WRITE BLOGS
  • Earn 1000 points
  • If you have a talent for writing blogs about hair loss, hairstyles or alternative hair products (or any topics relating to hair or stay-home fun),
  • you can send the blog to us at [email protected] and we will reward you with 1,000 loyalty points (=$10) for each blog with over 200 words!

* If you write especially long blogs, you can send it to us and we’ll quote you a loyalty point reward that’s worth it.


If your have any quesions ,please leave a message below.

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