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Joanna 14" 3g Single Tape-In Remy Human Hair Extensions

SKU: EC1808

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The Joanna tape-in is a pre-taped single hair extension. This small piece can be applied at home, simply use a tape-in remover to remove, and reapply every 2-3 weeks for best results.

This single piece hair extension in 14” length could be used as a color swatch or added for a little extra volume at a thinning part.

· 100% hand-tied craft offers the most natural appearance.

· 100% remy human hair can be colored and heat styled.


Best for:

· People with a hair length of 14-16”.

· People wanting more hair volume on a specific area of the head.


Wide: 1.5”


Pieces 1 PC
Hair Texture Straight
Fiber Virgin Remy Human Hair
Approx. Wide 1.5"
Weight 3g
Base Type Tape



Have Choose
Total Price


How to use the tape-in hair extension?

The tape in hair extension is super easy to apply, you're going to take a section of hair equaling the amount of the hair in the actual extension, the important thing is you're going to make sure that you have a very clean line. You wanna make sure any hairs that are not in that clean line, you don't want them to pull, hold that hair up. 

Placing the tape in holding on the sides, creating a flat surface, putting down that hair, and smoothing it with that rat tail comb, you also want to make sure that it is going with the shape or curvature of the head. In that way, when you pull the strand of hair going up and down, it's very comfortable and it's not tugging at any hairs on the scalp. 

You're going to take your second piece, revealing the adhesive and all you're going to do is simply lay that piece directly on top of the previous, then you can find, it's going with the shape of your head and we're just going to pinch that together. There are no tools or heat necessary for applying tape in hair extension and it's going to be in there nice and secure and seamless. When putting up the hair, it's going to be flawless with nothing being revealed. 

How to remove the tape-in hair extension?

The first thing you are going to have is using 91% alcohol instead of 70% or other percentage alcohol. You can purchase a spray bottle in a small size, that would be easier to spray on your hair.


So first, you're going to want to find and section out your first extension, and clip your other hair. 

Take your alcohol and spray it all along where the tape is, you want to make sure that it's pretty wet, so the alcohol can get in and break the bonds of the glue.


Your tape is going to start coming apart and you should be able to unstick the two ups of hair.

If they don't come apart easily they'll grieve what the suction, then try it again stick the two pieces back together, once are out and set them over to the side.

How many pieces should I wear?

This 14 is suggested to add some volume or highlight in your hair, you can choose several pieces as needed. Or you can choose different colors as a color swatch if you are unsure your hair color. If you need it for enough hair volume, check the package tape in hair extensions here.

How long do Tape in hair extension last?

Tape-in human hair extensions is included in semi-permanent hair extensions, the tape can last up to 6-8 weeks. You dont have to take it on and off everyday. It depends on how fast your hair own grows. Once your natural hair grows, then its time to replace the adhesive and re-tape them in your hair, you can remove them with tape-in remover by yourself or go to a salon. The tape can be re-applied 3-5 times or as long as the hair still looks nice.

Can I wash my hair with the tape in hair extension?

For first time to apply the tape in hair extension, keep 48 hours later to wash your hair.  After that, you can do washing process as normal, but keep in mind that you cant use shampoo or conditioner that contains alcohol, because it can break down the glue and the tapes will be slip out easily. 



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