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Uniwigs Affiliate Program

If you love our wigs and hair pieces like thousands of our clients do, become an affiliate and join us to help people all over the world look and feel fabulous!






  1. You can get your special referral coupon code and referral link from us
  2. Share our product links and information on any of your social media platforms, blogs and website, or refer our products to your clients, friends, or family. You are free to use our banners or photos on your platforms ("UniWigs" should be involved in the banners and photos).
  3. You earn 5%-10% commission on qualified sales completed with your referral link or code.(Qualified sales mean no return, no fraudulent purchase, purchase with processed valid payment)
  4. Payment methods: Once a month via PayPal

By joining our program, you can not only help people to find a place of beauty and confidence, but also can make money without any great efforts! It’s that easy!

So take the leap now and contact our affiliate team directly at [email protected]

By summitting your application, you are agreeing to the UNIWIGS AFFILIATE PROGRAM TERMS AND CONDITIONS


By filling out the UniWigs Affiliate Program application form, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed with the following terms and conditions.

1. Submitting Your Application

Once you submit your application you are bound by the terms of this agreement. When filling out the application you must provide accurate and complete information. Participation in the UniWigs Affiliate Program is to legally advertise our website to receive commission on referral customers. We will evaluate each application and you will be notified of your acceptance or rejection.

2. Copyright and Trademark

Infringement UniWigs reserves the rights to seek legal action against affiliates that infringe our copyrights and registered trademarks, or that replicate our product designs under a different brand.

3. Terms of Agreement

The terms and conditions of this agreement will begin when your application has been submitted and will end when our affiliate collaboration has been terminated.

4. FTC Guidelines

Affiliates must abide by all state and federal consumer protection laws and regulations including the Federal Trade Commission Act and the CAN-SPAM Act. The FTC points out that "when there exists a connection between the endorser and the seller of the advertised product" it is imperative that such a connection is "fully disclosed." Affiliates can read the full text here. We strongly encourage our affiliates to adhere to the FTC's rules. We also reserve the right to terminate our relationship with any non-compliant affiliates.

5. Conflict of Interest Policy

Affiliate acknowledges that they will not promote, manufacture, distribute or sell any products which replicate the designs of products that are exclusive to UniWigs. UniWigs will legally pursue all parties associated with the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of counterfeit UniWigs products.

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