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  • 1. Upload Your Wedding (bride/bridesmaid/guest) Hair or your Dream Wedding Hair photo and Share your most memorable wedding story/experience with us (could be your own story or someone else’s)
  • 2. The customer that gets the most votes will be our winner – who will win A FREE UNIWIGS PRODUCT (Winner can pick one item from a set of extensions, a hair topper, or a trendy wig.)
  • 3. The customer that gets the second amounts of votes – will win 5,000 store credits!
  • 4. The customer that gets the third amounts of votes - will win 3,000 store credits!
  • 5. Anyone who joins in the event and successfully shares both a photo and story will receive 500 store credits!


Upload your dreamy wedding hair and Share your memorable wedding story

I think the best part of my wedding was my entrance, my husband yelled, "holy s**t"! LOL

votes: 6

The couple was filling the day with the purest energy. They surprised each other with dances,songs and poetry. Their love is still growing strong!

votes: 17

I have alopecia and was worried about my hair for my wedding-extensions made it perfect! I've never felt happier with it than on that day!

votes: 6

Boda rulos rebeldes magia luz .. sencillez y amor ..

votes: 1

My friend's wedding was beautiful, her MOH sang 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight' as the sun set over the ceremony and we all cried

votes: 1

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