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UniWigs Pop-Up in Orlando: Empowering Hair Solutions

Our pop-up events allow us to meet you in person, understand your unique needs, and provide tailored hair solutions. These offline gatherings offer the opportunity to connect, share experiences, and find support within the hair loss community. Discover the beauty, style, and inspiration that await you at our next POP-UP.
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UniWigs Pop-Up in Orlando:
Empowering Hair Solutions
  • DateJune 01, 2024
  • LocationLake Dot, Orlando, FL
Highlights From The Pop-Up Event
  • UniWigs Pop-Up in Orlando
  • UniWigs Pop-Up in Orlando
  • UniWigs Pop-Up in Orlando
  • UniWigs Pop-Up in Orlando
  • UniWigs Pop-Up in Orlando
  • UniWigs Pop-Up in Orlando
  • UniWigs Pop-Up in Orlando
  • UniWigs Pop-Up in Orlando
  • UniWigs Pop-Up in Orlando
UniWigs Pop-Up Event In L.A.
Revitalizing Confidence Through Hair Solutions
  • August 27, 2023
  • Downtown Los Angeles
Highlights From The Pop-Up Event
UniWigs' First Pop-Up Event in Utah
Connecting and Inspiring
  • MAY 6, 2023
  • Salt Lake Area
Highlights From The Pop-Up Event

Customer Feedback On Last Pup-Up Event

  • Danielle

    This event was the start of good hair days for me for the rest of my life! I seriously have never been brave enough to make a purchase on a hair piece because it meant I was admitting and committing to addressing my hair loss. Being surrounded by so many people who had hair loss and had confidence to openly talk about it was so empowering. Is was the push I needed! Being able to actually touch and try on my first topper was invaluable and now I will be braver to order online without having to actually see it first. It was also so comforting to know that a stylist was there to help us newbies immediately because taking a topper to a stylist as a newbie sounds still intimidating. I’m sure I’ll be less worried about what others think the more I rock this new look but walking out of there with it already cut and styled was amazing! Hearing about how ethical the manufacturer is and how supportive of women was the icing on the cake for me! Sign me up for uniwigs for life! -ps That food (although somewhat unrelated to the actual event) was the most amazing spread of food I have ever seen at an event! I need her number!!

  • Nachol

    I just wanted to tell Uniwigs thank you so much for inviting me to the amazing pop up event! To meet all of the amazing women that attended the event was so much fun! How cool is it to be able to go and be with a group of women who understand what you're going through, it doesn't get better than that. It was so much fun being able to see all of the wigs and toppers in person instead of scrolling through the website lol that was the best! I wanted to buy them all. Seeing them in person it's like a kid in a candy shop lol. Thank you again for inviting me. Everything was amazing, the food, watching everybody's faces light up when they tried on their hair, everybody looking so beautiful, it was just the best time! Sincerely!

  • Shelby

    Brenna, first of all, thank you for welcoming us to your home. I cannot thank you and Bethany enough for putting the event together, and Lacie and Lindsey for attending, it was so helpful. It being small and intimate allowed for all of us to get some really great up close education on Uniwigs, and toppers/wigs in general. I have never owned any kind of hair piece, mostly because of how overwhelming it is trying to figure out what I need, or will work. Learning the different materials and styles, seeing colors and trying them out, as well as having Lacie show us her tips and tricks, has made it a completely different experience for me when I’m buying in the future. It allowed me to get in touch with a stylist who I feel safe with, who I won’t have to explain to. My hair hadn’t been touched since I started losing it, that’s a giant victory for me. All of those women were strangers, but it never felt that way. It was comforting to be surrounded by the kindest people, who none of us had to hide from. I don’t think any of us left without a piece, or knowing what we wanted. I could write a whole novel about the event, honestly. You guys are amazing and i appreciate you so much. This was life changing. I’m in love with my wig and already have plans to buy more. I’m so grateful for this experience, and the freedoms it’s now given me. I can worry about better things than if people are staring at my hair. I really hope more things like this happen in Utah.

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