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Hazy Amethyst

by @yana.artistry

The name, "Hazy Amethyst" would be perfect for it. The shade of the hair definitely reminds me of the amethyst gemstone but it's not to concentrated and has a mix of lighter shades flowing on it, so the shade is a bit hazy. So I'd definitely want her to be a hazy amethyst!

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Strawberry Cocoa

by @mtkiseki

Strawberry Cocoa - for both a lovely gradient and flavor combo

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Neon Potion

by @theycallmeobi

Neon Potion 🖤💚 - gives me the vibes of a dangerous potion cooked in Hogwarts

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Marbled Brownie

by @chasinghalos

Marbled Brownie, a decadent treat that combines the best of both worlds!

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