trendy wigs new arrivals

trendy wigs new arrivals

Help us name UniWigs Trendy New Arrivals for April and kindly give us the reasons behind it! You will get $50 Voucher if the names you provide get the nod (winners are randomly chosen).

April 11 – April 13


2020 march synthetic lace front wigs new arrivals


2020 march synthetic lace front wigs new arrivals


2020 march synthetic lace front wigs new arrivals


2020 march synthetic lace front wigs new arrivals
  • Ari.Wolf:
    1) Marylin: the blond shoulder length curls give a feeling of Marylin Monroe but the overall style is super updated with a classic charm. 2) Frankie: the stark silver lights remind me of the bride of frankenstein 3) Pretty Savage. The hair is similar to Jennie Kim's look from how you like that music video but combines both colors in the wig. The doped dye highlights also give the popular 'savage' or grungy egirl look a 'pretty' fire upgrade. 4) blonde roast. The color reminds me of the perfect cup of a blonde roast espresso
  • amber.lee:
    #2 Morticia Adams! The black hair with the silver white stripe gave me adams family vibes!
  • Cindy.Kaim:
    #2 - Morticia for sure! Or Tish for short! Beautiful wig!
  • Malin.Wollin:
    #3 Azula! The first thing that popped up in my head when I saw the wig was Azula from The Last Airbender. With the dark hair along with the reddish/orange highlights, reminded me of the fire nation's colours. And I feel like it gives off this sassy kinda vibe just like she does:)
  • Lorraine.Kiraly:
    #1: Bobsleigh, Bob for the cut and sleigh for the icy color #2 : Rogue from X-Men, #3: Fire elf: Fire for the highlights and elf for the dark short hair #4 : Guiness, reminds me of a dark ale with froth
  • Rosalinda.Vargas:
    #1, ice queen
  • Rosalinda.Vargas:
    #2 Frankenstein
  • Rosalinda.Vargas:
    #3 firestorm!
  • Rosalinda.Vargas:
    #4 wickedness
  • Sandar .Ht:
    #2 ) Starlight - the silver highlight among the black hair reminds me of the beautiful starlight in dark night sky . #4) Jennie - this colour combination of blond highlight and back hair reminds me of the hairstyle that Jennie from Korean girl group Black Pink used to have ! So edgy and pretty!
  • Brittany.Schroeder:
    #1 Blondie #3 Ember From Within / Ember #2 Elizabeth (after Frankenstein's wife) #4 It-Girl
  • Yejin.Park:
    #1: velvet cream #2: silver sparrow #3: blooming tulip #4: mon cher

Trendy Wigs New Arrivals 2020




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