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Easter Sunday is the primary feast in April and UniWigs launches this decorating contest of Easter egg to spend this special Easter Sunday together with all our dear customers. Do not just stay at home and soak into the depressed mood. Join us to upload your creative egg decorating and win new products!


  • Click "UPLOAD YOUR DESIGN" to upload the photo of your creative Easter egg!
  • Each account has 10 chances to upload your designs.
  • Besides, you can also join in this contest through SNS accounts.
uniwigs uniwigs


  • One account has 5 votes per day. Ask your friends and family to vote for you!
  • If you join in the contest through SNS accounts, try to get more Likes for your Easter egg pictures!
  • Three winners who get the most votes will win the prizes! Other participants will get awards, too!

Lilltle bit of color - little bit of sun.

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votes: 9

A gumball machine theme Easter egg.

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votes: 2

Medium length, blonde with dark roots.

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votes: 3

This is my Easter egg decoration that I decided to enter on uniwigs although a little late thanks everyone for your views and happy Easter to you and your families ♥️❣️♥️♥️❣️

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votes: 30

Um ovo em formato de coelho. Já viu algo mais fofo hoje?

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votes: 269

Uma das coisas mais divertidas de fazer durante a época de Páscoa é a decoração dos ovos. Feliz pascoa.

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votes: 256

I love to dye my easter egg with my children every year. It makes the kids very happy.

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votes: 13

Happy April everyone! Hope you all enjoy my Easter egg bunny painting i made.

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votes: 274

I don’t have any spare eggs, so I hope the digital drawing will be fine

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votes: 35

My daughter with her Peppa Pig egg

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votes: 130

This is drawing of a girl with bunny ear holding a huge Easter egg.

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votes: 24

For any Simpsons fans, I present to you: The Eggsons! If I had any eggs I would decorate them with Simpsons characters, the best part is that it works with anyone!

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votes: 51

Here’s for my Harry Potter fans: I don’t have actual eggs to decorate but my sketch represents a sorting egg. On the outside it has typical easter decorations in Hogwarts houses colours with a painted on sorting hat, and once you crack it open; glitter comes out in either red, green, blue, or yellow to sort you!

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votes: 40

My attempt at drawing a dog lol. The dog looks as if it has a toupee.

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votes: 40

It's simple, but I wish someone will like it!

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votes: 16

Egg rolling is also a traditional Easter egg game played with eggs at Easter.

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votes: 13




  • 1. Draw your unique and innovative hairstyle design or find a photo of your dream hairstyle. Don't forget to give your design an impressive name!
  • 2. Click "UPLOAD YOUR DESIGN" to upload your design and the detailed description.
  • 3. Each account has unlimited chances to upload your designs.


  • 1. One account has five votes per day. Ask your friends and family to vote for you!
  • 2. Share the campaign link on your social network site and ask for more votes!


  • 1. The person who gets the highest votes on her design will get $100 coupon (in the form of 10,000 loyalty points), the second one $50 coupon (5,000 loyalty points), and the third one $30 coupon (3,000 loyalty points).

    Note: Loyalty points can be applied with a discount code.

  • 2. Other participants will get $10 coupon(1,000 loyalty points)for her design /designs
  • 3. UniWigs will announce the winners 3 days after the contest ends.


If your design is chosen to be included in our new arrivals' list, you will get a new product for free when it is finished!

ENDS: January 31st.


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