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UniWigs Launches forum - Join the community!

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Finally, we launched the forum for hair loss women and men! More and more hair loss people have joined the community to share their stories and get help with hair care tips. For hair topper beginners, finding more information about hair toppers and knowing how to wear, care, wash and style it is really important. For women who have worn toppers for years, to share and help others will make your life more meaningful.

UniWigs Forum

We offer 10 boards for the members and you can find them in the picture above. Now, more and more women share their ideas and ask questions about hair loss. Although we only have 200 members for now, we are so glad that this forum can help even only one customer. We believe that we can help more and more hair loss women and men in the future.

So why join this community? Joining us means:
1. You can help us with the quality control in the board “Reviews”. Which means you are free to complain about the products quality if they are not so good as what you expected. UniWigs will always put our customers in the first place and high quality customer service can be promised.
2. Share your story. Here you can share your story with others who have the different or indifferent hair loss story with you(who might have the same experience with you). Find them and talk to them, you are not alone any more.
3. Get help and help others. Here you can find your answers about hair loss and hair products from others, which you can’t get anywhere else. Or if you are a professional hair topper wearer, here you can share your experience with others and get awards from us. Yes, we will offer the active members selection from time to time?. Coupons, discount and even giveaway can get from this forum.
4. Giveaway and coupons. As we said above, people who help others will have chance to get coupons and giveaway. Also we will offer free try on giveaway activity or coupons only for the members in our forum.
5. Resale the topper that is not perfect for you. We offer a board especially for people who want to resale your hair toppers. In this board(Resale), you can just contact people by yourself and we are not responsible for any trade disputes if it has.

Join Our Hair Loss Community to Express, Share and Help!

uniwigs forum

Join UniWigs Forum to Win Points! Just Click the banner above to draw.


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  • Carla2019-04-24 16:14:58

    I look forward to being part of this community.

    admin 2019-04-29 16:15:03

    Thank you for your participation, Dear! welcome to UniWigs Journey!

  • Andre...2019-05-04 05:18:02

    Looking forward to joining, love my topper

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