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Hair Extensions are the secret weapon for beautiful long hair in an instant. Wear extensions for a special occasion (a wedding, night out, graduation, birthday party, etc), or if you just want long hair goals every day!

The question is, human hair or synthetic hair extensions? This article will weigh the best advantages of each and help you to decide.

uniwigs hair extensions

Human Hair Pros

The best benefit of human hair extensions is how natural they are. UniWigs Human Hair Extensions are made from Remy or even Virgin Remy Human hair (a higher level of remy hair).

Remy hair is high quality hair where the cuticles are all running in the same direction, just like your own hair. The texture, color, and feel will be amazing. Human hair extensions can be used with heat tools just like your own hair and can be styled easily. Human hair extensions are great for those who want to change up their style often. It is also one of the main reasons most brides choose to use human hair over synthetic.

Another upside to using human hair is that it can be colored (not bleached unless it is Natural Black) which synthetic hair cannot withstand.

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synthetic hair extensions

Synthetic Hair Extensions Pros

Compared with old synthetic hair that looks shiny and fake, synthetic hair has made great progress in recent years. UniWigs sell synthetic hair extensions that is now soft-to-touch and feels just like real human hair.

Synthetic hair extensions also hold their style and are low maintenance, for example, if you ordered wavy, they will stay that way. They can also be worn straight out of the box without styling, unlike human hair.
As they do not hold oils the way human hair does; washing is not needed as often, so they can last.

UniWigs Synthetic fiber can withstand heat up to 180F and can be curled or straightened to match your own hair texture.

Finally, synthetic hair extensions are cheaper than human hair extensions and ideal for people with a lower budget and a desire long hair.

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