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Silk top human hair products have been the most popular hair product ever since it was introduced due to its invisible base.

Silk tops are the most realistic topper base on the market today. With a silk base, you don't need to hide or camouflage the knots when you part your topper, because the silk looks just like a real scalp.

However, silk bases aren't for everyone. Silk bases aren't always the best choice for beginners. If you're new to toppers, it's best to opt for a lace base which can lay flat easily.

Many customers report the same issue with a silk base topper, where it will sit on top of their head and not blend in with their bio hair. It takes a little bit of experience to blend it properly.

Silk base products are thicker than most toppers due to being made with three layers of material to conceal the knots, so are often bulkier on the head and it takes a level of know-how to blend the topper with your own hair and let it lay flat.

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Here are some top tips for silk toppers:

1. The thinner hair you have , the more natural it will look, as the topper will be able to lay flatter.
2. A larger base size is better for reducing puffiness on top.
3. Small things like changing the hair parting line on the topper and trimming the bangs are all useful to make the topper look natural on your head. These small things can help a great deal with a silk topper.
4. The hairline and making it look natural is important. If you can make an invisible hairline, it will look just like your hair.
5. This may be evident but your own hair needs to blend with the topper. Sometimes your hair is coarse, and the toppers hair is fine and silky. It might look noticeable, so the textures need to match. A useful trick is to watch YouTube videos to learn more tips about how to style your topper.

At last, take a good care of your hair and whichever topper base you decide to go for, be prepared to practice making the topper look natural in your hair.


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