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Many women find the clips on all hair extensions they've tried uncomfortable, and we have received this feedback and listened. The women are conflicted because they want to wear hair extensions, but they want them to be comfortable too.

These women should try Halo extensions which can be worn without clips using a new comfortable wire. Halo extensions are perfect for people with thinning hair, hair loss or traction alopecia. These conditions are often accompanied with sensitive scalps, and tight clips can cause additional hair loss. None of us want to lose more hair! If this sounds like you, we recommend you opt for the halo rather than the regular clip in extensions.

Halo extensions use gravity to keep the extensions in place with a little piece of magic wire string. The string can be hidden with your own hair, but the Halo Extensions come with a hair topper extension to give you volume on top too.

UniWigs Halo 2-in-1 hair extensions could be a perfect substitute for clip in extensions. Unlike other halo extensions on the market, the most beneficial point of UniWigs Halo 2-in-1 is that you can either use just the magic wire or the four clips, or all of them to secure your halo extension on your head, which totally depends on your personal preference.

In this video Julia will be showing you how to fit a Halo wire to your head with a UniWigs halo hair extension.


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