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How to wear a hair topper?

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Hair toppers are designed to add hair volume and give your hair that extra oomph. As different people have different hair conditions, hair toppers come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors in order to blend in with your existing hair and give you a natural look. As a new user, how to wear hair toppers to achieve your desired look? Here are some tips on how to correctly attach your hair toppers.

how to wear a hair topper

Basic steps:
1.To get started, you want to make a clean parting line in your hair.
2.Open each of the clips on the topper.
3.Bring it above your head and hold the front up.
4.Hold the two side clips up and off of your head, so it doesn't grab on to any of your hair.
5.To apply the front or side clips, make sure the topper is flush against the front of your head.
6.Then, scoop the back and clip in.
7.Style your hair and hair topper.

If you choose a lace front hair topper, it allows you to use a glue on the lace, just like a regular lace front wig being applied on your head and creating a natural hairline.

If you choose a hair topper without a lace front, that means there will be a gap between your own hair and the topper base. Usually we recommend pushing the topper back about 0.5”-1.5” from the hairline, so everything is seamless once you brush your hair back.

Hair styles: If your hair color is a little different to the topper, you can minimize the discrepancies by adding curls. Do not be afraid to experiment with different hair styles using your hair toppers.

Hair accessories are a great option for those that struggle to attain a natural look. Headbands, headwraps and other pieces are all great options to make your hair topper look more natural.


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