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Hair toppers are a worthwhile investment in your hair. By taking good care of your hair topper and by keeping it in a safe place, it will keep it in good condition and help it to keep its original look and shine.

Things You Need to Know About Storing Your Hair Topper

No matter if it's a human hair topper or a synthetic topper, these storage tips will help you to store it conveniently.

how to store a hair topper

1. Avoid storing your hair topper in a place that's exposed to direct sunlight or excess heat. These two factors will dull the color of your topper and affect the hair fibers. It's best to store your toppers in a cool and dry place.

2. You can store your toppers in your closet if there's room. When storing hair toppers in your closet, make sure they are easily accessible, cool and dry, and out of reach from kids and pets. If needs be, store your toppers in a closet you don't use often.

3. Another tip is to use hairnets to store your toppers. Hairnets are an easy way to house your toppers, especially if your topper is being stored in a box or a bag. They're great for keeping the hair from getting tangled.

4. A topper stand, mannequin head or Styrofoam head are the best places to store your hair topper, as they can help maintain the shape and style of your topper. They are a perfect option for long-term storage.

5. Of course, you can store your hair toppers in a box with a lid. Storing your toppers in a box are perfect for short-term. Simply comb through your topper and wrap it in a hair net before storing it in a box.

6. You can also store your topper in a clean plastic zip lock bag, or even better, a silk or satin bag to keep it soft. Storing your topper in a bag is also great for when you want to travel with it.

If you have any questions about storing your toppers, you can contact us at [email protected] and we'll be more than happy to help.


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