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If you ever have a problem with your wig slipping, read on for our top solutions!

1. Purchase a wig with an adjustable wig strap inside the cap to prevent wig slippage. Most wig caps including lace front caps, glueless full lace caps and monofilament caps often come with this feature. The adjustable straps can be adjusted to make the wig cap up to 1 inch tighter and more secure.

wig strap

2. For extra security for wigs, elastic wig bands and combs can be sewn into the wig cap. Essentially you can sew the elastic band into the back of the wig, so it will wrap around your head, many women say this is a very comfortable and easy way to secure their wigs. You can also sew in mini clips or combs to the inside of the cap if your wig didn't come with any. The combs and clips will attach to your hair and stop the wig from sliding. It will take a few minutes to sew these extras in, but it is worth it to prevent wig slippage. Many wigs will come with an elastic wig band and extra clips as extras that you can then sew in.

wig bands


3. Many people use the tape method to keep their wig secure. For the tape method, tapes, anti-bacterial alcohol solution, and the necessary at-home materials are needed. To apply the tapes, firstly, use the alcohol solution along your hairline (where you will apply the tapes) to remove any makeup and clean the area of bacteria. Make sure the tapes are the correct size to fit your head. If they are too large you can trim them down to size. The tapes are double-sided, so apply them to your hairline and then stick the wig to the tapes on your desired place. This will help your wig to feel secure all day!


4. For people who don't like tape, there is glue which you can use to stick down your wig. Glue can last for days if necessary. To apply glue properly, clean the skin around the hairline and where your wig might lay. Then apply a thin layer of glue along the skin, being careful to avoid any hair. Let the glue dry for a few minutes. You can also use a hair dryer to speed up the glue drying. Once the glue feels tacky, press your wig in place and press the edges where the glue is. This will help your wig stay in place without wig slippage.


Top Tip: choose a water soluble glue so it can be easily removed with water with no damage to your hair.

To have your wig feel secure enough can make you feel more natural and confident.


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