How to add hair volume?

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Customer may feel safe and delightful if they would have voluminous and luminous hair. We've got some feedback from our customers about how to get much more hair volume recently. Combining our experience and customer survey from our marketing, we would like to share some ideas with you:

how to add hair volume

1.Change parting line - this would work for you. If you part your hair on your left side for example, you can firstly air-blow it on its opposite side - right side , then you can flip the hair back and style it, it would give you extra volume.

2.Rollers - if you have enough time, you could consider using the rollers on your top section, it would take some time to fix the texture, in the meanwhile, you can enjoy drinking and reading.

3.Curling iron - Use a large barrel size curling iron, like 11/2”. You can curl your hair by sections on the top of our head to create loose waves. This takes not even five minutes.

4.Back brushing - back combing or back brushing or teasing hair. Actually we don't suggest you to tease hair, because it's easily tangled and hard to unravel again. It's better to take a paddle brush.

hair toppers

5.Using hair volumizing products - Now more and more people focus on the products that help enhance the voluminous styling of your hair and give you extra hair volume without harming your own bio hair, we call them “help hair”. The first popular helper hair is hair topper, and the second one is hair extension. There are three reasons why people choose them: First is they can add hair volume, the second reason is that they can provide different texture, and they can give you the extra several days to not wash your hair.


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