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Good bangs can transform your look and fix a bad hair day in an instant. Bangs can add a glamorous, girly vintage touch and can take years off you. Bangs suit most face types, so they are worth considering.

If you've been sat on the fence for a while about getting bangs, and you've been scared to go through with the cut, luxury clip-in bangs might be for you! Get bangs without having to commit to cutting your own hair. UniWigs clip-in bangs feature comfortable clips and soft remy human hair to blend in with your own hair beautifully.

hair topper with bangs

Simply pop on the bangs and they will stay put. These bangs are bold, blunt and straight. The easiest bangs and quickest hairstyle ever! Color, volume and length has never been so simple.

How to wear the bangs topper properly

How to wear the bangs topper properly 1
We trim the bang length to 4.5 inches. This bang length meets most customer's expectations. Long and face framing layers are expertly cut into either side of the bangs to keep the cut graceful, not boxy. To apply the bangs, position the bangs on to your head and match the bangs hairline with your own hairline and then clip them in. If you feel that the bangs look too long on you, you can un-clip them and then move them further back onto your head and clip them in again, and vice versa if you think they look too short on you.

How to wear the bangs topper properly 2

With all the benefits of having bangs, you won't regret investing in some chic clip-in bangs for a polished look like Jane Seymour and Rosanna Arquette. Whether you just want a no-big-deal beauty update, or you need some help camouflaging thinning hair, bad brows or forehead creases, UniWigs Instant clip-in bangs with layers around the face can be perfect for you.

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