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Can hair toppers cause hair loss?

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Can hair toppers cause hair loss?

Are hair toppers damaging?

Are hair toppers secure?

Are hair toppers bad for your hair?

We believe that these are the questions people think about before buying a hair topper. Similarly, people may be held back by this fear.

Actually, there is no necessary correlation between wearing hair toppers and hair loss. Hair toppers are created to help people suffering from hair loss to regain full hair, and in the unlikely event that hair loss does occur from wearing toppers, it is often down to incorrect application.

Today, We'd love to share with you some Do's & Don'ts about wearing toppers to get the best topper experience.

Can hair toppers cause hair loss

1. Do measure your hair loss area before choosing a topper.
A proper cap size can protect the bald spot on your head from further damage. If the cap size is too small, it can clip onto sparse hairs in your hair loss area and this can be uncomfortable. Make sure the topper is big enough to fit you properly and clip into fuller and healthy hair.

2. Do remember to add one inch to each measurement on your head when measuring your hair loss area.
View the video we made on “How to Measure Your Hairloss Area”

3. Do choose allergy-resistant clips for hair toppers if you have a sensitive scalp.
Using less expensive clips can damage remaining hair.

clips on topper

4. Don't pull the hair topper too harshly off your head to remove it.
If you rip the topper off, it can cause hair breakage. The hair is especially fragile for people with hair loss, so be sure to gently remove the topper each time.

5. Don't choose a topper with clips for women who have huge bald spots or very sensitive scalps.
Sometimes a wig is a better method for certain customers because clips may be too harsh or uncomfortable for your scalp. A full lace wig with a comfortable wig liner underneath can be a more comfortable option. If a wig is not for you, try looking into other options such as a hair topper with a plastic wire or silicone combs to slide into hair.

6. Don't sleep with your wet hair topper.
We recommend you let your scalp breathe at night, or it may affect the blood circulation under the hair follicle. It is beneficial to give your head a break. Also, if you wear a hair topper when it is still wet, it may cause the topper to shed or become misshapen.

Toppers and top pieces are helpful solutions for people who want a little more hair fullness on the top of their head. But be sure to know the Do's and Don'ts before buying a topper.

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