Get a glamorous new look in an instant with UniWigs Hair Extensions. The hair is designed to be comfortable in wearing, and blend incredibly well with your own hair. From curly to straight, ponytails to falls. 100% human hair to easy-care synthetics and blends...we've certainly got the looks you're looking for!



Hand-stitched fabric base add slightly more volume than regular weft base to your hair to achieve a voluminous hair look. Come in 4 weights with either 7 pieces set or 10 pieces.


Silicone weft with light clips lay completely flat against the head, meaning the hair all smooths and blends together more evenly for achieving a more natural glamour look. Come in 4 weights with either 7 pieces set or 10 pieces.

Halo 2-in-1 Extension

Halo Extension with both clip and wire is a new alternative to classic clip in extensions. The wire helps to comfortably secure and relieve scalp tension. Halo Extension is a perfect choice for people who have fine thin hair.

UNI Single Clip in Extension

Single Clip-In with either 2 or 4 clips could be a perfect way to add even more volume to your hair or your existing UniWigs Hair.

Tape In Hair Sample (Color Swatch)

A Tape-In sample with one double sides tape for an exact color match or could be a perfect way to enhance your color.


Made with the highest quality hair, DIY hair can be dyed into your OWN COLORS!