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Hand-stitched fabric base add slightly more volume than regular weft base to your hair to achieve a voluminous hair look. Come in 4 weights with either 1piece or 7 pieces set.

Silicone weft with light clips lay completely flat against the head, meaning the hair all smooths and blends together more evenly for achieving a more natural glamour look. Come in 4 weights.

Halo Extension with both clip and wire is a new alternative to classic clip in extensions. The wire helps to comfortably secure and relieve scalp tension. Halo Extension is a perfect choice for people who have fine thin hair.

One set of Dreamy Clip-Ins includes 5 pieces. It is made from the highest quality synthetic fiber with sewn fabric bases. Dreamy Clip-Ins feature zero weight, soft-to-the-touch and natural volume hair all at an affordable price.


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