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Scalp-looking Clip-In Human Hair Bangs / Fringe

SKU: PF2101

Ends November 30
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More color details?

Color Details

If the product is not available in the color listed in this page, please consider to contact customer service to place a Custom Order. [email protected]


    • #1 - Jet Black Darkest Black(Pitch Black)
    • #G-1B - Off Black Darker Black (A slight shade lighter than Jet Black)
    • NB - Natural Black Natural Growth Black that can be bleached and dyed. Lighter than Off Black but Darker than Dark Brown.


    • 211- Espresso brown Dark Coffee Brown lowlighted with darkest brown,lighter than natural black,darker than dark coffee brown.
    • G2 - Dark Coffee Brown Dark Coffee bean shade
    • 210 - Truffle Brown Medium brown lowlighted with dark coffee brown,lighter than dark coffee brown, darker than medium brown
    • G4 - Medium Brown Rich Chocolate/ Brown
    • G246 - Milk Chocolate Medium Brown hightlight with light brown
    • T1B-246 - Chocolate Brown Mixed blend Medium Brown, Dark Brown & chestnut Brown with a dark root
    • G-6 - Light Brown
    • 212 - Auburn Fudge light brown highlighted with Auburn
    • 16R - Chocolate Caramel Mahogany brown highlight with golden blond & copper brown
    • 6-8 - Pecan 75% Chestnut Brown blended with 25% Lightest Brown
    • 6-8R - Pecan With Roots Chestnut Brown blended with Lightest Brown and dark roots
    • 10H24C - English Toffee 75% Light Chesnut Brown highlighted with 25% dark dirty Blonde
    • 202R - Toasted Praline Golden Brown blended with Deep Honey Blonde and Pale Beige Blonde
    • 203R - Toasted Caramel Medium brown blended with Golden Brown and hints of Honey Blonde and a dark Off Black root.
    • 204R - Toasted Marigold Warm Honey Blonde blended with Light Brown and Highlighted with Ash Blonde, with natural-looking Brown Roots.
    • 205 - Brown Spice Mixed Blend of Medium Brown and Dark Coffee Brown.
    • 213R - Honey Brown
    • 214 - Chocolate Brownie


    • 8-12 - Toffee Lightest Brown blended with a little Dark Blonde.
    • G-18 - Dirty Blonde Lightest Brown blended with a little Dark Blonde.
    • 01R - Almond Frost Golden Blonde highlighted with Ash Blonde with Dark Roots
    • T-486 - Sunshine Ombre light brown highlighted with 25% Platinum Blonde
    • 606R - Honey Wheat Ombre with warm Honey Blonde and darkest beige blonde long roots.
    • T1B-614 - Ash Blonde with dark roots Ash Light Blonde with dark root colour 1B Off Black which is our second darkest black
    • 601R - Champagne Lux Blended shades of Light Beige Blonde and Creamy Ice Blonde, with natural-looking Dark Roots.
    • 10R - Creamy Ice Gold Blond blend with light blonde and Dark Roots.
    • 201R - Permafrost Cool Toned Blonde and Natural Gold Blonde Blend shaded with Pale Brown
    • 605R - Ombre Blonde Ombre with Light Brown fading into Honey Blonde and Ash Blonde with a Dark Root.
    • Y-411 - Honey Blonde Light Gold blond
    • 603 - Moonlite Blonde Mixed Blend of 50% Chestnut Brown and 50% Beige Blonde.
    • Y-686 - Caramel Light Brown highlighted with 25% Platinum Blonde
    • 14-24A - Cream Soda 67% Dark Blonde and highlighted with 33% Light Blonde
    • 18-22 - Wooden Blonde 75% Dark Ash Blonde blended with Baby Blonde
    • T-414 - Rooted Mocha Medium Brown and Light Brown Blend with 5% Blonde highlights and Medium Brown Roots
    • Y-531 - Peach Powder Strawberry Blonde with Ash Blonde highlights
    • Y-22 - Powdered Peach Strawberry Blonde with Ash Blonde highlights.
    • Y-421 - Milky Blonde Light Honey Blonde
    • 24-613 - Summer Sandy 50% Light Blonde blended with 50% Platinumum Blonde
    • G-613 - Platinum Blonde
    • 24-613R- Summer Shandy With Ashy Roots 50% Light Blonde blended with 50% Platinumum Blonde and ahsy roots
    • 614 - Ash Blonde Ash Light Blonde without any root colour.
    • 614R - Ash Blonde/dark root Ash Light Blonde with dark root colour 1B Off Black which is our second darkest black after Jet Black.
    • 617R - Sandy Blonde
    • 615R - Creamy Blonde


    • 60% gray 60% White hair blended with Natural Black.
    • 33JR - Deep Auburn Deep Auburn with rooted.
    • 301R - Burnt Rose Copper Red blended with Deep Auburn Red with Dark Medium Brown highlights. With our most natural-looking dark roots.
    • LMD - Limestone Silver grey blend with dark grey.
  • Synthetic Hair

    • H1B - Off Black

      Our darkest synthetic Black color. It is pitch Black.

    • H4 – Light Natural Black

      Lighter than Natural Black but darker than our darkest Brown.

    • H6 – Dark Brown

      Dark Brown Shade

    • 21R - Gracie Gray

      silvery gray blended with dark brown with dark roots

    • 04 - Medium Brown

      Our Darkest Synthetic Brown

    • G246 - Milk Chocolate

      Mixed blend Medium Brown, Dark Brown & Light Brown

    • 06 - Light Brown

      Natural Shade of Light Brown,darker than human hair

    • 09R - Macadamia Platinumum Champagne Blonde with dark roots
    • H246 – Medium Brown Blend

      Medium Brown blended with dark brown and light brown

    • 18R - Double-Frost-Java

      Medium Brown with extra frosted highlight at the top with Beige Blonde and Ash Blonde

    • 14R - Honey Glaze

      dark beige blond

    • 16R - Chocolate Caramel

      dark mahogany brown highlight with golden blond & copper brown

    • 24B-18T - Butter Scotch

      dark blonde tipped with light blonde

    • 10R - Creamy Ice

      Gold Blond blend with light blonde and Dark Roots

    • 01R - Almond Frost

      Golden Blonde highlighted with Ash Blonde with Dark Roots

    • H14/24 - Honey Blonde Blend

      Honey Blonde Highlighted with Light blonde

    • #23 - Monique Gray Blend of Silver Gray and Subtle Blonde Gray.
    • H613B - White Blonde

      Solid White Blonde Shade

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101 Hair Topper 101 >

Hair Topper 101

What's a Hair Topper?

A Hair Topper, also called a "wiglet" or "hair enhancer", is a natural-looking hair piece that you can clip or secure on your head to blend in with your own hair. Toppers are good for coverage on one targeted area of the head. They are smaller and lighter than wigs and you don't have to wear a wig cap or hide your existing hair when you wear them. A Hair Topper can be an easy & perfect solution for ladies suffering from hair loss or thinning hair. Hair Toppers will add volume and coverage at the top of the head where hair extensions can't reach!

Hair Toppers come in different base types, shapes and sizes, which are designed to disguise hair loss or thinning hair at various stages and different areas of the scalp. Some of them can offer more coverage over the crown or top area, while others may help conceal the hair loss in the front.

How To Select The Right Hair Topper?

Step 1 - Select the Base Type

Discover the different base types for Hair Toppers

For the ladies who are looking to purchase a Hair Topper for the first time, it is very important to know the different types of topper base constructions, so that you can find one that suits your needs. Please read the following blog post about all different types of toppers bases. (

Step 2 - Choose the Base Size

How to choose the right base size for Hair Toppers

Choosing a Topper may seem easy, but it is important to consider your stage of hair loss, area of coverage needed and the condition of your biological hair when choosing a base size. Measuring correctly will prevent the topper from shifting, pulling or creating more hair loss. Please read the following blog post about how to choose the right base size. (

Step 3 - Choose the Hair Color

How to Choose the right Color for Hair Toppers

The color of your Hair Topper should match your own bio hair color as closely as possible. With years of experience, we highly recommend that customers utilize the following options to select the right hair color. Please read the following blog post about how to choose the right color. (

How To Wear a Hair Topper?

All the following videos will guide you to apply a topper correctly.

Applying a hair topper for a thinning top or crown

Wearing a hair topper for a thinning hairline

Change the hair parting on a hair topper

Watch all hair topper videos & tutorials, please click here

Customer Reviews On Best Selling Hair Toppers

I purchased my first human hair silk topper and absolutely love it! This is the Bella in 12". I like it much better being parted with the side bang look rather then the straight part that I was kind of hoping for. I as well had the issue where it didn't lay flat on my head but when I parted it off to the side it then gives it that volumized look. Other then that just added some curls and that was it.

PS1801 6"*7" Bella Virgin Remy Human Hair Silk Top Topper

"I've been wearing helper hair for a little over a year now and, as a result, my hair feels healthier than it has in years! My stylist noticed and we think it's because I'm washing less often and no longer heat styling my bio hair. :) Don't get me wrong, it's still thin as ever, but I'm now wearing my hair longer than I used to because it's healthier. I was recently ordering another topper (I know, I know...I gotta stop at some point...just not yet!)"

PS1806 5"*5" Stella Silk Top Virgin Remy Human Hair Topper

"Between the ER and the firehouse, my hair is always pulled back so no one really knows how horrible it truly is. But with my husband's work Holiday Party coming up, I wanted to look like a girl. So, I took my second Claire Remy to my stylist (magician) who cut her into this gorgeous bob. I sent a snap to my husband who told me (for the first time in our relationship) that I looked "amazing"! No words can describe how pretty I feel — and how grateful."

P52001 6"×6"-Upgrade Claire Virgin Remy Human Hair Topper

"Obviously right out of the box, HOPE TOPPER in Almond Frost. This Uniwig, synthetic topper looks and feels better, or at least as good as ANY human Hair Topper I've worn over the past 15 years! She needs a little trim but she's FABULOUS!"

PM1701 8.5"*9"- Hope Synthetic Mono Topper

How to Choose the Right Base Size?

Choosing the proper topper base size is not only going to make your hair piece look more natural, but also ensure that you are not pulling on hair causing further hair loss. The base size depends on your coverage needs.

First, you should measure the size of the area on your head you want to cover.

  1. Take the front of the tape measure to the front of the hair line.
  2. Take that back to the balding area where the balding area ends *to the back of the head
  3. Hold finger on the correct like and get your first size
  4. Now to get a side length, take the tape measure to the other angel to get the width *same way as above

Then you can choose a topper on our website with the base of a little bit larger size. Be sure to factor in clip attachments on base.  There must be a sufficient amount of hair to attach clip to. Adhesive is a secondary option.

Here is a video to show you how June Penny chooses the right size of the hair topper:

How To Create A Natural Looking Hairline And A Parting?

If you're wearing a hair topper as a daily protective style, you want your piece to look as natural as possible. But most people don't have a celebrity stylist on call to create a flawless fit.

Here are some tricks to make your fake hair look as authentic as possible



How To Cut Lace?

Toppers with lace front means there is a pieces of lace allocating in the front of the topper. The lace is the secret weapon to a flawless undetectable hairline. When worn properly the end result is an undetectable hairline giving the illusion that the hair is actually growing out of your own head. When you get a topper with lace, you need to cut the extra lace before you put it on.

Here is a video as a reference to how to cut lace.

How To Know The Length Of Hair Toppers?

Hair length: the length of each strand of hair from roots to the tips.

Overall length: hair length from the crown to the end.

Here is the right way to measure the hair length:

How To Choose The Right Density?

Hair length: the length of each strand of hair from roots to the tips.

Hair density refers to how thick the hair is. The hair density that you order is really based on personal choice and what looks best on you. Most women achieve a natural appearance with light to medium or medium density; however your choice will depend on your styling preferences and individual profile.

Know the density of your naturally grown hair:

It is very crucial to know the density of your naturally growing hair in order to effectively choose a hair system flawlessly matching your own one.

Age is also a factor determining an effective hair system:

Age is another crucial factor helping you to choose the correct hair density. To be more specific; say you are a young man then thicker (medium) type of hair density will suit you more than an old man who will look better in lighter hair density.

Hair Style also plays a vital role in choosing an effective hair density:

Hair styles contribute in giving your hair a natural and real look. Thick pattern of hair shall suit better to a layered hair style. One can go for adding bouncy curls to a thin hair density to make it look fuller and thicker

How To Care For The Hair Toppers?

Each topper, be that human hair or synthetic, should be well taken care.

Here is a guide to how to wash and condition a hair topper!

What Is Hair Return?

You may notice that your alternative hair piece, be that a wig or a topper, has shorter hair that may look like breakage. In most cases, this is not breakage and your wig is absolutely healthy. What you are seeing is something that is called a "hair return". Watch this video from our education experts to learn what a return is.

Can I Swim Or Shower With A Hair Topper?

We do not recommend this. It can put too much stress on the hair and create unmanageable tangles. Also, pool chemicals and salt can damage the hair and affect color.

Human Hair Color Samples

The color hair samples is strongly recommended to be purchased together with human hair products when you are unsure of the color.

UniWigs has made viewing a color ring easy with our "Color Ring Loan Program".Here is how it works:

1. Select the right color ring and pay for it.

2. Once you decide on a color, return the color ring within one month. And your money paid for the color ring will be refunded as loyalty points. You can redeem the loyalty points any time before it expires.

3. Please be sure that the color ring can be reused before you return it.

Find all UniWigs color rings:


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This Clip-In bangs is an easy-to-attach fringe hairpiece made from human hair with beautiful face-framing sides. The fringe can be curled or straightened with thermal styling tools to blend with your own hair, since it's made from real human hair. It also features a scalp-looking skin base, which will offer you the most undetectable looking on the top. This mini hairpiece gives you a fringe to your hairstyle without having to commit to cutting your own. The Instant Clip-In Bang can transform the front of your hair to look much fuller and volumized. The bangs also provide a very natural look and there is no need to worry about your hairline looking obvious.

Note: The two colors of the bases will be sent randomly.


Fiber Human Hair
Approx. Length 12"
Base Type Skin Base



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