Not all women with hair loss desire to wear a wig when they begin losing their hair. Some women with thinning hair just want to add some height, volume or fullness to their existing hair. Then hairpieces would be the best choice.  Hairpieces are often used by women with thinning hair who can use a larger piece of hair attached to a small base to cover a larger area where the hair on the head is sparse. Here @uniwigs we offer many different types of hair pieces.

Top Hairpieces

Toppers and top pieces are helpful solutions for beginning to mid-progressive stages of hair loss or for those ladies who just want to add fullness to the crown/top area of their head. Here at UniWigs, toppers are available in short, medium and long and come in synthetic or human hair. You can always find the one you want. The best alternative to a full wig!

Don't worry about getting an exact color match with your own hair; find a color you love, and match your hair to this piece!