Our hair toppers and top pieces are helpful solutions to filling in your sparse and adding hair volume. Here at UniWigs, toppers are available in short, medium and long and come in synthetic or human hair. We’ve got you all covered!

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What's a Hair Topper?

A Hair Topper, also called a "wiglet" or "hair enhancer", is a natural-looking hair piece that you can clip or secure on your head to blend in with your own hair. Toppers are good for coverage on one targeted area of the head. They are smaller and lighter than wigs and you don't have to wear a wig cap or hide your existing hair when you wear them. A Hair Topper can be an easy & perfect solution for ladies suffering from hair loss or thinning hair. Hair Toppers will add volume and coverage at the top of the head where hair extensions can't reach!

Hair Toppers come in different base types, shapes and sizes, which are designed to disguise hair loss or thinning hair at various stages and different areas of the scalp. Some of them can offer more coverage over the crown or top area, while others may help conceal the hair loss in the front.

What is the Silk Base?

The Silk Base is constructed with a layer of lace and pure silk fabric on the top of the cap. The knots of the hairs are hand-sewn under the silk base, so the knots are concealed between the layers. This technique of injecting the hairs through the silk to conceal them, provides the illusion that the hair is coming from your own scalp when you wear it, making the knots 100% invisible.

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So far, the Silk Base is considered to provide the most realistic scalp the market has to offer. You don't need to bleach the knots or use any concealer to mask the knots at the parting like a lace base may need. The Silk Base looks completely natural and realistic.


- Realistic Looking: Silk Base toppers can give you the appearance of having a scalp that looks like your own. A Silk Base is the most realistic topper base on the market today. With a Silk Base, you don't need to hide or camouflage the knots when you part your topper!

- Styling Versatility: The Silk Base offers versatile styling options as you can part your silk topper any direction.


- Difficulty of Laying Flat: Due to the multiple layers in a Silk Base topper, Silk Base hair toppers are not as easy to lay flat on the head. Silk Bases may also encounter slight bulkiness on the crown. Due to this, Silk Bases usually take a little extra work to lay flat compared to other bases.

- Breathability: Due to its unique layered construction, the Silk Base can lack breathability compared to lace and mono bases. Silk Bases may also be slightly warmer to wear during the summer than the other two bases.

What is the Mono Base?

The Mono Base is made with a ultra fine mesh material where Individual hairs are hand-tied, giving the illusion of hair growth from the scalp. The weave of mono base material is tighter that lace. With this base type, the hair topper can have a higher hair density than the regular lace base hair topper.

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-Comfort: The Monofilament Base, very soft and comfortable to wear, will not irritate your head, so it can be a great choice for ladies with a sensitive scalp because of chemotherapy treatments or other skin issues.

-Realistic Looking: Since the hair comes out of the base vertically - the same direction that natural hair grows, the mono base can mimic the look of natural hair growth and provides hair parting for the greatest versatility in styling.


- Breathability: The Mono Base is smooth and comfortable, but it is not as breathable as the Lace Base, because the weave of mono base material is tighter that lace.

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How to Choose the Base Size for Hair Toppers?

Choosing the proper topper base size is not only going to make your hair piece look more natural, but also ensure that you are not pulling on hair causing further hair loss. The base size depends on your coverage needs.

  • 1.First determine the area of hair loss, which can be at the part, crown, hairline or throughout.

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  • 2.With a fabric measuring tape, record the measurements of the widest points from front to back and side to side across the area where you are experiencing hair loss.

  • 3.When you write down the measurements, don’s forget adding one inch to each measurement, which will allow for a half an inch of hair on each side or end of the base for a clip to attach into your existing hair.

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How To Choose the Color for Hair Toppers?

The color of your Hair Topper should match your own bio hair color as closely as possible. However, sometimes it can be hard to find a perfect color match for every hair shade. We highly recommend utilizing the following options to select the right hair color for you.

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1. Send us a Hair Sample

Send us a Hair Sample Swatch of your own hair. Your natural hair will allow us to match your true color from the source! This can be a great way to ensure that you will receive a color that you are happy with.

-How to Prepare your Hair Sample:

To prepare your hair sample, cut a section that is at least 1.25" long by 1/4" across, consisting of approximately 100-200 hairs, weighing around 2 grams. (The more hair provided in the hair sample, the more accurate the color match can be).

Make sure that your hair swatch is taken from the section of your hair that you wish to match.Tie your hair sample up using a hair band when you are done or tape it to a plain, unlined white sheet of paper. Write your name, phone number, email address along with the topper style(s) you would like to order on the paper and put it in an envelope addressed to: UniWigs, 18305 E Valley Blvd., Ste C, La Puente, CA 91744.

2. Send us a Picture

Take a few recent photographs of your hair under natural daylight and email these photos to [email protected] We will be happy to recommend the best color match for you. This step can be done alone but if you can also send a hair sample swatch, that would be even better.

3. Purchase a Color Ring

You can also purchase a Color Ring from us, which is refundable. A Color Ring would help you to compare your own hair against shades of our hair swatches to find the color right for you. Before you purchase a Color Ring from us, we recommend you contact our customer service to let us know which style and color you're looking for, so we can advise which Color Ring would be best for you.

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-Check out UniWigs Human Hair Color Ring, please Click HERE

4. View Online Color Swatches

You can view our hair colors for styles directly on the product page and on the hair color page. Keep in mind, viewing color swatches online are intended only as a general guide, and the color may not be as exact due to monitor collaborations.

- Check out All Hair Shades available for UniWigs Hair Topper Collection, please Click HERE

5. Phone Consultation

Monday-Friday, 9:00AM – 5:30PM PST, TEL: 626-581-9123

Monday-Friday, 5:00PM – 1:00AM PST, TEL: 909-895-6421

If you have any questions or concerns about choosing a color match, feel free to call our customer service team who will be more than happy to help you to choose a color right for you.


If you can't find your exact color shade from our website, a top tip is to buy a light colored hair topper and then dye it to your exact shade. We recommend using a hair topper in the color 613 Platinum Blonde, which is a light shade perfect as a base hair color for dyeing. Then you can get the topper dyed at a salon or by yourself to match your exact hair color. That is a great way to give a you a natural look and match your hair color without any of the other steps needed.

How To Select The Right Hair Topper?

Step 1 - Select the Base Type

Discover the different base types for Hair Toppers

For the ladies who are the first time to purchase a Hair Topper, it is very important for them to Familiarizing themselves with the various types of base construction of hair toppers in order to make the right decision. Read More

Step 2 - Choose the Base Size

How To Choose the Right Base Size for Hair Toppers

It is very important to identify correctly the area of coverage needed when you want to choose the right hair topper for yourself. Read More

Step 3 - Choose the Hair Color

How to Choose the right Color for Hair Toppers

The color of your Hair Topper should match your own bio hair color as closely as possible. With years of experience, we highly recommend the customers can utilize the following options to select the right hair color. Read More

How To Wear the Hair Toppers?

Wear the Hair Topper for Thinning Top or Crown

Wear the Hair Topper for Thinning Hairline

Change Hair Part for Hair Toppers

Watch All Hair Topper Videos & Tutorials, please Click HERE

customer testimonials


UniWigs Customer – Lacie R

Struggling with thinning hair has been a difficult journey for me. I have had so many friends and family reach out to me with ideas and solutions from medications, vitamins and supplements to diets, oils, shampoos and serums. I promise, I’ve tried it all. I finally came to the conclusion that even if all my hair did grow back, it was never stellar to begin with. I just don’t have the genetics for really full, amazing hair. So that’s why companies make things like hair toppers and for me it’s an excellent solution. I really love this upgrade Claire Plus Mono Hair Topper with the Halo String! The Halo string on this Claire Hair Topper makes it super convenient to hold it on while you’re glueing. It feels so secure and eliminates the damage on that tender top part of your scalp worth the effort for sure!

Lacie R. is wearing 6.5"x6.5" Upgrade Claire Plus Human Hair Topper SKU : PM1902, Hair Color : G-4 Medium Brown with a custom dark root and highlights


UniWigs Customer – Beckie

My hair started thinning in my late 20s. For the longest time I was able to hide it with hair color and changing my part. I have fine hair and always kept my hair short so it took the weight off and gave it volume which also helped hide it. Fast forward to my 40s and it’s become worse. My hair is turning gray (i have some serious roots going on here) and when that shows it looks even thinner. I was always making sure my roots were colored. My doctor noticed my hair on my very first visit with her. She wanted to try treatments. We started with a shampoo that was known help with hair growth even though it was a fungal shampoo. It slowed my shedding way down and made my hair feel amazing but no regrowth. I've tried minoxidil and light therapy. Fibers end up a clumpy mess in my head no matter what i did. Nothing works. So at age 45 I finally discovered hair toppers. My life has changed. No more trying to hide the top of my head. No more shying away from pictures. So wish I had discovered this years ago!

Beckie is wearing 5" X2.75" - Amelia full mono human hair topper with bangs SKU: PM1906, Hair Color: G-4 Medium Brown


UniWigs Customer – Rayann M

I feel very glad to find the alternative hairs, which have changed my entire life!!! I have realized that there are many different versions of me these days, but thankfully I have learned to love each one equally! This Hair Topper I am wearing is the UniWigs Melanie Human Hair Topper in Color Almond Frost. Great Coverage and Beautiful Ashy Blonde Hair Color

Rayann is wearing 8.5” *9” Melanie Human Hair Topper SKU: PM1801, Hair Color : 01R Almond Frost


UniWigs Customer – Julia W.

Between the ER and the firehouse, my hair is always pulled back so no one really knows how horrible it truly is. But with my husband’s work Holiday Party coming up, I wanted to look like a girl. So, I took my second Claire Remy to my stylist (magician) who cut her into this gorgeous bob. I sent a snap to my husband who told me (for the first time in our relationship) that I looked “amazing”! No words can describe how pretty I feel — and how grateful !!!

Julia is wearing UniWigs Claire Human Hair Topper - SKU: P25001


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